How To Make Auto Readmore

Nowadays a lot of blog templates that provide auto readmore on his part template. But what if you use a template that does not exist or does not support auto readmore?

Of course you have to install or manually setting the auto readmore which is served by the facility posting. But that would lead to its own negligence or hassles for you who often want to create a new article on your blog, because most likely you forgot to install the auto readmore manually at each time post.

Therefore, here I will give you a way how to install auto readmore to blog template. So you no longer need to bother setting readmore manually each time you create a new article.

Here are the ways:
1. Please log into your blog dashboard
2. Select Design, then select Edit HTML and do not forget to check
3. Then look for the code </head> and paste the script below just after the code </head> is.

4. Then find this code <data:post.body/> and replace with the following code

5. After all the steps done then save your template, and you already have your own auto readmore

Good luck
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