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The clickjacking script hides from view the particular advert under the actual cursor, absolutely no matter wherever any visitor to your site is taking that and absolutely no matter wherever he / she clicks - because the advert is actually invisible behind cursor additionally is invisible, the visitor usually clicks the ad and not really the real url they might be viewing around their display screen.

This method properly work better for adsense or facebook like. And these are the actual aspect you should take attention :

# In order to make the button totally hidden change this particular 0.5 to 0 inside this sections:
opacity: 0.5; filter: alpha(opacity = 50);

Before you placed this onto your own website, you will certainly need this specific script as properly jquery-1.4.2 as you will see in the full code written down below.

# You may set any html code or javascript inside script in its place of the Indian Flag I'm waving.
Google +1 needs two times verification from the visitor - so this will probably work much better for adsense or perhaps facebook like.
You can try at several hours when generally there is actually large traffic on your current site, and could disable it on some other hours ( you will understand the reason why ? ).

Here the complete code :

Good Luck. 
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