How to Create Navigation Page

Navigation page is a display that serves to facilitate the visitors opened one after another page in a blog. with this navigation menu visitors can also find out the number of pages contained within these blogs. visitors also just click the page numbers do not need to click on older posts that can only be done one by one page, can not jump pages.

Like the example below / see at the bottom of the comments box of this article / example that we often use the google search engine is how do we jump page after page when we look for information in accordance with our keywords in the search engines.

The following is a tutorial :
#Login to your blogger account belonging
#Click on the menu and then click edit html design
#Click on expand widget templates
#Find this code ]]></ b: skin>
#Then put the following code above the code ]]></ b: skin>:

After the above is completed, go look for the code </ body>, and place the following code above the code </ body>:
When finished save your work, and look your blog page. Good luck ...
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