Hacking contest ExploreCrew

ExploreCrew Hacking Contest
In order to commemorate the Day as well as enliven the sacred power of Pancasila, XCrew Hacking Contest 2011 in the open. With missions in each level is quite challenging and interesting. To be more exciting, we offer a gift that was quite interesting.

Hacking Mission
Hacking Mission already provided. Please pass all the missions that we provide. With your own way. Love-love your own. Use all your hacking skills. Through all the missions. Total of all there are eight missions, each of which has different difficulty levels. There are easy and some are difficult. Correct logic is in need to complete all missions.

Gift :
Here's a gift that we provide:
- Hackers Handbook: Art of Intrusion By Kevin D Mitnick
- Domain and Hosting 2GB max 4 Year
- Domain and hosting a Year
- Wireless router
- Digital Camera
- XPL Collections (remote & local xpl)
- Pentester Tools
- Email@ExploreCrew.Org 7GB
- (And likely will be added again)
Special e-mail, provided to all participants who passed all the levels.

Code Of Conduct
- Register (if member forum.explorecrew.org, please msg us for our set of status on the forums as contestan)
- Complete all missions
- Can use all kinds of hacking technik
- The race began on October 1, 2011 at 00:00
- Contest is done online (which would be an important aja connect the internet) - There is no limit of time, going morning noon afternoon evening night, whatever.
- No sharing openly cheat sheet
- Prizes are not valid after the date of 1 November 2011
- Beyond that date, the hacking contest remains open but without the gift, will instead be included in the forum hall of fame.

Registere herehackingcontest.explorecrew.org
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